Bill Meyer - Fire and Ice Series


White Grey Risings Earth Dawning The Eye of Birthing Ice Aurora_and Ice Convulsant Shechina-blue World Ice Mountains Slowly Dancing.jpg Egg Rising A Slice of Crystal Egg High Esteen Kavod From the Depths Red Malki Shneeweis Mishkan Rising Sulphur Bore and Ice Fire Cave in Ice Veiled in time renewed Earth disk Defended north Ice tongue grey Ice world arch glaciated gate to Geulah Shleimah Sliced Even Yakar

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Lambda Prints

Lambda prints are framed in a Diasec method(laminated between sheets of high quality pespex) and printed on museum rated archival quality neutral PH paper. In countries where the Diasec process is not available a similar method will be used. Editions of no more than five are to be created and the master high resolution tif originals remain with the artist.