Exhibited at the Castlemaine Historical Museum and Art Gallery, Castlemaine Victoria, Australia
2 November 2014 through 14 December 2014

The works in this exhibition are Digital C-type prints on Fuji Lustre archival paper.
They were processed on a Chromira Prolab machine at CPL Studios South Melbourne, Victoria in August 2014



Opening remarks by Dr Victor Majzner
Exhibition at Castlemaine Historical Museum and Gallery

Victoria, Australia, November 2, 2014

It is my honour to say a few words about this exhibition and as the artist Bill (Chaim) Myer is somehow connected to it, a few words about him as well. The first impression as one walks into this exhibition is of strong, bright colours, exploding shapes and swirls of sophisticated patterns. The visual poetry of the shapes and their arrangements are reminiscent of dramatic, eerie musical vibrations. Shards of photographs melt and distort into unfamiliar patterns in a high drama where graffiti squiggles meet high art, all tempered by digitally manipulated processes.Full text (Pdf)

Group 1

Waters of Nurture Opening the Sabra Egg Gan Eden Australis Dreaming
Home Amongst the Very Private Trees
The Trees Sway Singing Praises Deep Forest Circled to Seasons
Growth and Ascent, Geulah Remez Chutz, I Bring to the Nurturing Doors Opening to Tentative Beginnings


Group 2

Veils on Hope and Settlement Gully of Green and Brown Covering Portals of growth and Love
Anthropogenic Consequences
Etzim B'Shalom, Trees in PeaceCool Flames and Corrugated Safety
Forest Cherubim Nurtured  Fragments Coalescing from Chutz Etzim Sky Trees, in Peace


Group 3

Path to Paradise	Visceral Spheres of Nurturing Souls and Places	Kiddush Cup with Spheres of Chesed
The Song of the Inner Eucalypt
Eye-Print from My House Dam Dark Inviting Eye
Shomayim Over Lower Waters Sicherheit in Heat with Blue Sky Eyin Tov and Night Sky



Group 4

The Caring Eye in the Forest Forest Floor Rising Silver Simcha of Mutual Nurture
Dance of the Ascending Forest, Horeb
Symphony in Heimishe Circles and Sky Lily Pond Dam and Sky
Subtle Veils from Art and New Dwellings Windows Inner World with Fungi and Questions


Group 5

Dance of Spring Summer Palace Icon of Home Inner Contract and Space
Funky Deco Dance
Connecting the Spirit with the Place Deep Forest Circled to Seasons
Corrugated Havdalah Softly Lit and Wintery Nurture Mountains of Horeb Growing in Holcombe


Group 6

Dusk to Dawn in Holcombe Windows on Earth and SpiritInside the Sephirah of Beauty, (Inside Rock and Bark)
Cultivated Construction and Landscapes
Shards from my Broken Worlds The Nurtured Egg of Paradise in Tarilta
Privately Tender in Bushes of LavenderVibrato of Midnight TreesRebirth and Kiddush Levanah


Group 7

Egg of Nurture Gently Opening Dignity of Subtle Ground CoveringsSky and Earth Building a Place
Wiring and Opening the Earth Egg
Hard Trenches in a Gentle Place Yaacov’s Stones and Building Heim
Preparing for the Waters Forest House from the Egg Emerging My Chatchkes from Beyond the Forest


Logic of the Titles
The print titles may appear puzzling but there was no desire to be deliberately obscurantist; the plainer options for labelling would have reduced content layers and subtle meanings from the overall exhibition concept. (Full text Pdf.)

A silence of Life;
The forest is not always quiet or calm;
It can be a terrifying place, quite ferocious.
It can be dusty, ripped by desiccating winds.
Enervated in the heat with smoke, fear of fire, insect plague, electrical storms, hail, and the ugliness of mechanical noises, a trespass which people in their destructive self-hatred inflict as a defiant scream to the Creator, a shrei, a protest that we have been given, in love, the difficulties of awareness of good and evil and the ability to choose affirming or denying lifestyles. (Full text Pdf.)

Nurturing the Place: Titles Listing

Lambda Prints

Lambda prints are framed in a Diasec method(laminated between sheets of high quality pespex) and printed on museum rated archival quality neutral PH paper. In countries where the Diasec process is not available a similar method will be used. Editions of no more than five are to be created and the master high resolution tif originals remain with the artist.